Fire Department

The Brandon Fire Department's mission is to save lives and protect property in order to provide a quality of life consistent with the requirements of the residents of the Town of Brandon.

To ensure that the Brandon Fire Department can perform its mission, it is responsible for the preparation of officers, firefighters and equipment so that together they are ready to provide cost effective resolutions to emergencies that threaten or will threaten life and property in our community. The Brandon Fire Department will be the lead agency for fire suppression, fire prevention, vehicle rescue, control of hazardous materials emergencies and rescue of trapped or injured persons.

The Brandon Fire Department will take a subordinate role in the rescue of lost persons, evacuation or relocation of civilians, and response to natural or man-made disasters.

Fire Chief

Thomas Kilpeck

Assistant Chief

Roland Euber

Members of the Dunmore Hose Company

Kyle Hutchins

Vice President
Bradley Danforth

Courtney Lee

Tracey Murray

Jordan Martin

Jesse Bilodeau

Roger Bougor

Cody Taylor

Kenneth Backus
Peter Carlson
Harry E Hunt
Jason Martin
Garrett Trask
Scott Bertrand
Harry L Hunt
Dennis Reisenweaver

Brent Young
Steven Bilodeau
Robert Fales
Brian Kilpeck
Peter Smith